The Drone Racing League Simulator Leaderboards

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#MapTrackTimePlace% RankTime Behind LeaderTime Behind RivalCrashesTop SpeedTime SetUpdated
1AdventuredomeSIM RACING CUP 601:19.1646231.00%00:04.01700:00.094097.81 year ago4 minutes ago
2Allianz RivieraDRL 201801:18.50715376.50%00:15.78800:00.2616100.41 year ago4 minutes ago
3Allianz RivieraRACE2VEGAS01:54.72712160.50%00:39.40200:00.068998.11 year ago4 minutes ago
4Allianz Riviera2019 MGP CHAMPIONSHIP - PRO01:55.2279045.00%00:39.14700:00.806384.92 months ago4 minutes ago
5Allianz Riviera2019 MGP CHAMPIONSHIP - SPORT01:42.02610552.50%00:34.54300:00.055396.21 year ago4 minutes ago
6Allianz RivieraDRL 2021 - ALLIANZ01:19.51918592.50%00:09.93500:00.0152100.71 year ago3 minutes ago
7Atlanta AftermathIMPACT01:11.50214773.50%00:21.93100:00.686098.01 year ago3 minutes ago
8Atlanta AftermathDRL 201700:55.97716482.00%00:16.40500:00.067398.35 months ago3 minutes ago
9Atlanta AftermathSIM RACING CUP 201:06.9626633.00%00:03.82300:00.004097.91 year ago3 minutes ago
10BMW WeltRACE2VEGAS01:03.95412763.50%00:07.32500:00.236098.78 months ago3 minutes ago
11BMW WeltDRL 201801:01.9789547.50%00:04.87100:00.0060100.210 months ago3 minutes ago
12BMW WeltFLAGSHIP01:13.8637939.50%00:02.91300:00.132099.51 year ago3 minutes ago
13BMW WeltDRL 2020 - THE WELT01:14.00213165.50%00:14.99400:00.130597.41 year ago3 minutes ago
14BiosphereDRL 201801:14.3259447.00%00:10.30600:00.2972100.21 week ago3 minutes ago
15BiosphereSIM RACING CUP 101:15.2227537.50%00:05.12100:00.137098.51 year ago3 minutes ago
16BiosphereDRL 2020 - Biosphere01:01.9304020.00%00:02.93900:00.349097.05 months ago3 minutes ago
17Boston FoundryDRL 201701:06.71211859.00%00:08.43000:00.149198.55 months ago3 minutes ago
18Boston FoundryFULL METAL02:04.01912663.00%00:37.35900:00.074594.91 year ago3 minutes ago
19Boston FoundryFOUNDRY CIRCUIT00:50.7755829.00%00:03.98400:00.053098.36 months ago3 minutes ago
20California NightsDRL 201800:58.2597738.50%00:13.16900:00.027495.91 year ago3 minutes ago
21California NightsDROP IN01:00.3233718.50%00:02.69200:00.085097.81 year ago3 minutes ago
22CampGroundDEVILS BACKBONE00:53.51612763.50%00:05.49000:00.004098.61 year ago3 minutes ago
23CampGroundCAMPFIRE01:33.08611356.50%00:12.78400:00.0873101.08 months ago3 minutes ago
24CampGroundTHE WILD01:03.4027135.50%00:04.99100:00.0760101.31 year ago3 minutes ago
25CampGroundALLIANZ EAGLE01:40.86615175.50%00:06.18400:00.0690101.51 year ago3 minutes ago
26CampGroundSUNRISE PEAK01:21.72918693.00%00:04.45100:00.002098.51 week ago3 minutes ago
27CampGroundZIP LINE01:07.33714572.50%00:05.61000:00.025099.61 year ago3 minutes ago
28Championship KingdomDRL 201801:06.35610351.50%00:03.88400:00.008099.11 year ago2 minutes ago
29Championship KingdomROYALTY01:53.6859748.50%01:29.11100:00.042198.11 week ago2 minutes ago
30DRL SandboxDRL Sandbox00:21.8148844.00%00:00.87900:00.007097.38 months ago2 minutes ago
31DRL SandboxStraight Line00:14.72513668.00%00:01.25700:00.001094.21 year ago2 minutes ago
32Drone ParkCIRCUIT01:35.40311859.00%00:11.79400:00.123296.71 year ago2 minutes ago
33Drone ParkUPRISING01:37.3158442.00%00:06.48300:00.052099.11 year ago2 minutes ago
34Drone Park2020 TRYOUTS WEEK 501:43.4838542.50%00:06.24700:00.030099.78 months ago2 minutes ago
35Drone Park2020 TRYOUTS WEEK 201:33.8848040.00%00:04.72800:00.0300100.21 year ago2 minutes ago
36Drone Park2020 TRYOUTS WEEK 301:17.4627336.50%00:04.62700:00.038098.21 week ago2 minutes ago
37Drone Park2020 TRYOUTS WEEK 401:21.0698743.50%00:04.83900:00.0180100.61 year ago2 minutes ago
38Drone Park2020 TRYOUTS WEEK 101:11.1199547.50%00:03.57600:00.023098.15 months ago2 minutes ago
39Drone Park2020 TRYOUTS FINALS01:19.9026733.50%00:03.42200:00.0410101.01 year ago2 minutes ago
40Drone Park2020 TRYOUTS WEEK 601:16.9585728.50%00:04.44700:00.082098.31 year ago2 minutes ago
41Drone Park2020 TRYOUTS QUALIFIER01:15.2837537.50%01:03.02900:00.0060101.31 week ago2 minutes ago
42Drone ParkTWISTED ARENA01:08.28419195.50%00:06.07400:00.045098.06 months ago2 minutes ago
43Gates of New YorkCity00:54.7939748.50%00:02.69400:00.0050101.11 year ago2 minutes ago
44Gates of New YorkDRL 201600:45.3036331.50%00:05.30100:00.117096.71 week ago2 minutes ago
45Gates of New YorkShipyard00:56.10915075.00%00:03.77400:00.0090101.18 months ago2 minutes ago
46Gates of New YorkWoods01:32.0965728.50%00:02.70300:00.0270101.41 year ago2 minutes ago
47Gates of New YorkSILENT TRAIL02:07.9713316.50%00:03.02200:00.056099.11 year ago2 minutes ago
48Gates of New YorkTHE CIRCUS YACHT 00:57.72418592.50%00:05.63600:00.0040101.51 year ago2 minutes ago
49Gates of New YorkTREETOPS02:24.7456432.00%00:12.11100:00.117099.01 year ago2 minutes ago
50Gates of New YorkSILENT CITY CIRCUIT01:06.95113065.00%00:04.23100:00.025099.81 year ago2 minutes ago
51Gates of New YorkDRL 2020 - GONY01:09.40713969.50%00:10.78300:00.0031100.11 year ago1 minute ago
52Hard Rock StadiumSIDELINES00:53.6649045.00%00:04.97100:00.011098.51 year ago1 minute ago
53Hard Rock StadiumMIAMI EXPO01:06.01610050.00%00:06.65900:00.0291100.01 year ago1 minute ago
54Hard Rock StadiumSIDELINES REVERSED00:53.9688542.50%00:02.17100:00.006097.71 year ago1 minute ago
55Hard Rock StadiumSIM RACING CUP 301:20.8808140.50%00:04.52400:00.0320100.41 year ago1 minute ago
56L.A. ApocalypseSILENT SHOPPING MALL01:36.4685427.00%00:09.16400:00.044197.99 months ago1 minute ago
57L.A. ApocalypseMALL WALKER01:00.3566130.50%00:01.73900:00.004098.21 week ago1 minute ago
58LondonDRL 201700:53.9855226.00%00:04.07100:00.003098.81 year ago1 minute ago
59LondonLONDON EXPO01:04.3005728.50%00:03.65400:00.005099.21 week ago1 minute ago
60Mega CityMONORAIL PARK01:10.32315175.50%00:06.61400:00.1610100.11 year ago1 minute ago
61Mega CityMOONLIGHT00:57.07211155.50%00:01.95300:00.001097.91 year ago1 minute ago
62Mega CityDRL 2022-23 METACITY01:18.65817889.00%01:15.92800:00.0760100.14 months ago1 minute ago
63Miami LightsThe End Zone00:43.64114170.50%00:04.09400:00.023197.91 week ago59 seconds ago
64MultiGPMGP 2018 NATIONAL CHAMPIONSHIP01:32.6035427.00%00:20.25800:00.295389.61 week ago58 seconds ago
65MultiGPMGP 2018 REGIONAL QUALIFIER01:05.6904020.00%00:09.11800:00.359093.21 year ago56 seconds ago
66MultiGPMGP UTT 100:40.2095829.00%00:04.40900:00.026098.31 year ago54 seconds ago
67MultiGPMGP UTT 4: HIGH VOLTAGE00:39.3215427.00%00:04.48400:00.001098.21 year ago52 seconds ago
68MultiGPMGP 2018 REGIONAL FINAL02:10.1305829.00%00:34.76800:00.053195.01 year ago50 seconds ago
69MultiGPMGP 2017 REGIONAL FINAL01:19.5136532.50%00:12.48800:00.446096.58 months ago49 seconds ago
70MultiGPMGP 2018 IO X CLASS00:36.4725125.50%00:04.29200:00.015095.81 year ago47 seconds ago
71MultiGPMGP 2018 IO INTERMEDIATE00:44.0474723.50%00:07.74200:00.209095.61 year ago45 seconds ago
72MultiGPMGP UTT 8: REVENGE00:45.9074522.50%00:07.53900:00.141093.01 year ago43 seconds ago
73MultiGPMGP UTT 2: TSUNAMI00:31.7776130.50%00:05.22600:00.1610100.91 week ago41 seconds ago
74MultiGPMGP 2018 IO MICRO01:57.9196633.00%01:04.50900:01.1191090.62 months ago37 seconds ago
75MultiGPMGP UTT 3: BESSEL RUN00:32.0066030.00%00:06.92000:00.121197.11 year ago36 seconds ago
76MultiGPMGP UTT 5: NAUTILUS00:25.3945728.50%00:03.91600:00.012195.31 year ago34 seconds ago
77MultiGPMGP 2016 NATIONAL CHAMPIONSHIP01:57.4944623.00%00:21.30000:00.453296.61 year ago31 seconds ago
78MultiGPMGP UTT 6: FURY00:36.8854723.50%00:08.04200:00.089191.91 year ago29 seconds ago
79MultiGPMGP 2018 IO ROOKIE00:27.3267135.50%00:02.57300:00.152096.21 week ago25 seconds ago
80MultiGP2019 MAYHEM TEAM EVENT03:53.6384321.50%00:33.01500:00.115498.01 year ago24 seconds ago
81MultiGPMGP 2019 IO WORLD CUP01:44.6646030.00%00:20.08300:00.347292.55 months ago22 seconds ago
82MultiGPMGP 2019 GLOBAL QUALIFIER01:05.6767738.50%00:19.27300:00.036287.11 year ago20 seconds ago
83MultiGP2019 STARMACH EXHIBITION00:50.0416331.50%00:04.54800:00.135095.71 year ago18 seconds ago
84MultiGPMGP 2019 CANADIAN QUALIFIER01:08.5416633.00%00:17.79400:00.163191.38 months ago16 seconds ago
85MultiGPMGP 2019 IO MEGA CLASS02:05.4844422.00%00:06.36800:00.221097.41 year ago15 seconds ago
86MultiGPMGP 2019 IO ROOKIE00:30.6356030.00%00:07.92600:00.018097.31 year ago12 seconds ago
87MultiGPMGP 2019 IO MICRO01:16.8785025.00%00:31.78800:00.134185.51 week ago11 seconds ago
88MultiGPMGP 2019 IO INTERMEDIATE01:17.4656030.00%00:22.65900:00.028292.61 year ago9 seconds ago
89MultiGPMGP 2018 IO WORLD CUP01:54.5315326.50%00:14.08900:00.031297.31 year ago7 seconds ago
90Munich PlayoffsDRL 201700:58.2477738.50%00:07.35100:00.094196.81 year ago5 seconds ago
91Munich PlayoffsWUNDERFLOW01:05.4898844.00%00:18.96100:00.302798.11 week ago3 seconds ago
92Ohio CrashsiteConfirm nor Deny00:39.79213366.50%00:02.59400:00.012097.51 year ago14 minutes ago
93Ohio CrashsiteRestricted Area00:42.5178743.50%00:01.76700:00.015097.61 year ago14 minutes ago
94Ohio CrashsiteSIM RACING CUP 501:16.7386331.50%00:04.33200:00.001098.34 months ago14 minutes ago
95Out of ServiceSILENT AIRLINES02:43.3797035.00%00:19.90500:00.225098.310 months ago14 minutes ago
96Out of ServiceDUST TOWN02:04.04116683.00%00:29.06900:00.0456100.61 year ago14 minutes ago
97Out of ServiceOOS EXPO01:05.68010150.50%00:03.60000:00.0170100.91 year ago14 minutes ago
98Out of ServiceTHE YARDSCRAP00:59.9648241.00%00:04.50200:00.036098.611 months ago14 minutes ago
99Out of ServiceTHE SCRAPIESTYARD01:29.5555326.50%00:15.36000:00.053099.32 months ago14 minutes ago
100Project ManhattanDRL 201600:41.2104623.00%00:01.71500:00.037098.51 year ago14 minutes ago
101Project ManhattanProject Noob01:03.4466231.00%00:01.74700:00.0340100.36 months ago14 minutes ago
102Project ManhattanThe Trinity Test00:38.3098944.50%00:02.55200:00.0430100.31 year ago14 minutes ago
103Project ManhattanSILENT MANHATTAN01:18.9137738.50%00:11.09900:00.0803100.41 year ago14 minutes ago
104Silicon ValleySCRIMMAGE00:50.26310050.00%00:02.77900:00.013098.38 months ago14 minutes ago
105Silicon ValleyVIP SUITE01:46.77816482.00%00:22.93500:00.073197.91 week ago14 minutes ago
106Skate Park LADRL 201800:56.3148643.00%00:12.51600:00.243297.44 months ago14 minutes ago
107Skate Park LAVALKENBURG SESSION02:10.73116482.00%01:13.14700:00.4101074.18 months ago13 minutes ago
108The BridgeDRL TRYOUTS QUALIFIER 201901:07.1066432.00%00:02.97600:00.001099.810 months ago13 minutes ago
109The BridgeRACE2VEGAS00:56.9222814.00%00:03.59500:00.150098.51 year ago13 minutes ago
110The BridgeTRYOUTS LAS VEGAS 201900:55.9265628.00%00:04.55500:00.024097.95 months ago13 minutes ago
111The BridgeSIM RACING CUP 401:15.0983115.50%00:02.49400:00.113099.15 months ago13 minutes ago
112The BridgeDRL 2020 - BRIDGE00:57.9866231.00%00:04.12000:00.0550101.01 year ago13 minutes ago
113The HouseBAD NEIGHBOR01:14.7333618.00%00:08.27000:00.145091.41 week ago13 minutes ago
114U.S. Air Force BoneyardSTRATOTANKER01:19.6004221.00%00:02.64500:00.001099.96 months ago13 minutes ago
115U.S. Air Force BoneyardSIM RACING CUP 801:16.6148643.00%00:03.39000:00.0920100.11 year ago13 minutes ago
116U.S. Air Force BoneyardDRL 2020 - USAF01:17.86217889.00%00:50.55900:00.104298.91 year ago13 minutes ago
117U.S. Air Force BoneyardDRL 2021 - USAF01:21.44619698.00%00:10.11300:00.127098.41 year ago13 minutes ago
118U.S. Air Force Boneyard (Night)BLACKBIRD01:17.76310251.00%00:07.82800:00.004099.41 week ago13 minutes ago
119U.S. Air Force Boneyard (Night)NIGHTHAWK01:40.45915678.00%00:09.76400:00.0961100.61 year ago13 minutes ago
120U.S. Air Force Boneyard (Night)THUNDERBOLT01:15.16616381.50%00:03.81200:00.0100100.11 year ago13 minutes ago
121Drone ParkICEBOX01:36.5198241.00%00:52.99100:00.015099.01 week ago13 minutes ago
122MultiGPMORNING CRUISE01:19.983136.50%00:01.23900:00.0800100.01 year ago13 minutes ago

10 lowest positions
PositionTrackTimePercent Rank
(196)U.S. Air Force Boneyard - DRL 2021 - USAF01:21.44698.00%
(191)Drone Park - TWISTED ARENA01:08.28495.50%
(186)CampGround - SUNRISE PEAK01:21.72993.00%
(185)Gates of New York - THE CIRCUS YACHT 00:57.72492.50%
(185)Allianz Riviera - DRL 2021 - ALLIANZ01:19.51992.50%
(178)Mega City - DRL 2022-23 METACITY01:18.65889.00%
(178)U.S. Air Force Boneyard - DRL 2020 - USAF01:17.86289.00%
(166)Out of Service - DUST TOWN02:04.04183.00%
(164)Silicon Valley - VIP SUITE01:46.77882.00%
(164)Skate Park LA - VALKENBURG SESSION02:10.73182.00%

10 lowest percent ranks
Percent RankTrackTimePosition
(98.00%)U.S. Air Force Boneyard - DRL 2021 - USAF01:21.446196
(95.50%)Drone Park - TWISTED ARENA01:08.284191
(93.00%)CampGround - SUNRISE PEAK01:21.729186
(92.50%)Allianz Riviera - DRL 2021 - ALLIANZ01:19.519185
(92.50%)Gates of New York - THE CIRCUS YACHT 00:57.724185
(89.00%)U.S. Air Force Boneyard - DRL 2020 - USAF01:17.862178
(89.00%)Mega City - DRL 2022-23 METACITY01:18.658178
(83.00%)Out of Service - DUST TOWN02:04.041166
(82.00%)Atlanta Aftermath - DRL 201700:55.977164
(82.00%)Skate Park LA - VALKENBURG SESSION02:10.731164

10 Oldest Races
Time AgoDateTrackTimePosition
1 year ago2023-07-05 17:07:25Gates of New York - SILENT CITY CIRCUIT01:06.951130
1 year ago2023-07-05 17:08:19Atlanta Aftermath - IMPACT01:11.502147
1 year ago2023-07-05 17:58:59California Nights - DRL 201800:58.25977
1 year ago2023-07-05 17:58:59CampGround - THE WILD01:03.40271
1 year ago2023-07-05 17:59:04Championship Kingdom - DRL 201801:06.356103
1 year ago2023-07-05 17:59:10BMW Welt - FLAGSHIP01:13.86379
1 year ago2023-07-05 17:59:11MultiGP - MGP 2018 REGIONAL FINAL02:10.13058
1 year ago2023-07-05 17:59:13Drone Park - 2020 TRYOUTS WEEK 601:16.95857
1 year ago2023-07-05 17:59:14Biosphere - SIM RACING CUP 101:15.22275
1 year ago2023-07-05 17:59:14Atlanta Aftermath - SIM RACING CUP 201:06.96266

5 farthest behind leader times
(01:29.111)Championship Kingdom - ROYALTY01:53.68500:24.57497
(01:15.928)Mega City - DRL 2022-23 METACITY01:18.65800:02.730178
(01:13.147)Skate Park LA - VALKENBURG SESSION02:10.73100:57.584164
(01:04.509)MultiGP - MGP 2018 IO MICRO01:57.91900:53.41066
(01:03.029)Drone Park - 2020 TRYOUTS QUALIFIER01:15.28300:12.25475

5 closest to leader times
(00:00.879)DRL Sandbox - DRL Sandbox00:21.81400:20.93588
(00:01.239)MultiGP - MORNING CRUISE01:19.98301:18.74413
(00:01.257)DRL Sandbox - Straight Line00:14.72500:13.468136
(00:01.715)Project Manhattan - DRL 201600:41.21000:39.49546
(00:01.739)L.A. Apocalypse - MALL WALKER01:00.35600:58.61761

5 farthest behind rival times
(00:01.119)MultiGP - MGP 2018 IO MICRO01:57.91901:56.80066
(00:00.806)Allianz Riviera - 2019 MGP CHAMPIONSHIP - PRO01:55.22701:54.42190
(00:00.686)Atlanta Aftermath - IMPACT01:11.50201:10.816147
(00:00.453)MultiGP - MGP 2016 NATIONAL CHAMPIONSHIP01:57.49401:57.04146
(00:00.446)MultiGP - MGP 2017 REGIONAL FINAL01:19.51301:19.06765

5 closest to rival times
(00:00.001)U.S. Air Force Boneyard - STRATOTANKER01:19.60001:19.59942
(00:00.001)MultiGP - MGP UTT 4: HIGH VOLTAGE00:39.32100:39.32054
(00:00.001)Ohio Crashsite - SIM RACING CUP 501:16.73801:16.73763
(00:00.001)The Bridge - DRL TRYOUTS QUALIFIER 201901:07.10601:07.10564
(00:00.001)Mega City - MOONLIGHT00:57.07200:57.071111

Profile Name:ooga booga
Average Position:(89.48)
Average Percent Rank:(44.74%)
Estimated Score:(1464)
Total Crashes:(119)
Steam Id:76561198202257692
Profile Colorf6ff05

Incomplete Tracks or over 200th place
12016 World ChampionshipDRL 2016
22016 World ChampionshipDRL 2020 - DETROIT
4AdventuredomeDRL 2018
5AdventuredomeDRL 2020 - ADVENTUREDOME
6Allianz RivieraDRL 2020 - RIVIERA
7Atlanta AftermathAPOCALYPSE
8Atlanta AftermathDRL 2020 - ATLANTA
11BiosphereDRL 2021 - BIOSPHERE
12BiosphereDRL 2022-23 BIOSPHERE
13California NightsDRL 2020 - CALIFORNIA NIGHTS
15CampGroundFIRST HIKE
16CampGroundDRL 2021 - CAMPGROUND
17CampGroundDRL 2022-23 ALPINE VALLEY
18CampGroundDRL 2022-23 TEXAS
19Championship KingdomSILENT #FREETHEBRIDGE
20Championship KingdomSIM RACING CUP 7
21Championship KingdomDRL 2020 - KINGDOM
22Championship KingdomDRL 2021 - KINGDOM
23Championship KingdomDRL 2022-23 KINGDOM
24Gates of New YorkCITY REWIND
25Gates of New YorkGLENWOOD
27Gates of New YorkDRL 2022-23 DRL SIM LIVE
28Hard Rock StadiumDRL 2017
29Hard Rock StadiumDRL 2019
30Hard Rock StadiumDRL 2020 - MIAMI
31L.A. ApocalypseDRL 2016
32L.A. ApocalypseDRL 2020 - LAPOCALYPSE
33L.A. ApocalypseDRL 2022-23 L.A.POCALYPSE
34LondonLONDON 2017 REWIND
35Londonallianz expo
36LondonDRL 2020 - LONDON
37Mardi Gras WorldMASQUERADE
38Mardi Gras WorldDRL 2017
40Mardi Gras WorldDRL 2020 - MARDI GRAS
41Mega CitySPIRE
42Mega CityCOMPLEX
43Miami LightsDRL 2016
44Miami LightsMiami Sunset
46MultiGPMGP 2018 IO SPEC
47MultiGPMGP 2018 IO TEAM
48Munich PlayoffsFACTIONS
49Ohio CrashsiteDRL 2016
50Ohio CrashsiteDRL 2020 - OHIO CRASH SITE
51Out of ServiceThe Layover
52Out of ServiceThe Terminal
53Out of ServiceCTG / 02: DERELICT DESERT
54Out of ServiceTHE SCRAPYARD
55Out of ServiceDUST TOWN PLAZA
57Silicon ValleyDRL 2022-23 - RACE IN THE CLOUD
58Silicon ValleyCORNER KICK
59Silicon ValleyTICKET BOOTH
61U.S. Air Force BoneyardDRL 2022-23 USAF
62MultiGPFIGURE 8 (3 LAPS)

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