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CountMapTrackPlayerTimePositionTotal RacersPercentile RankCrashesTop SpeedTime SetUpdated
12016 World ChampionshipDRL 2016robot_00:58.7825131216.35%098.32104492 weeks ago2 minutes ago
2AdventuredomeRACE2VEGASrobot_01:27.414162915.50%097.6082841 month ago2 minutes ago
3AdventuredomeDRL 2018robot_00:58.778232937.85%0101.3417361 month ago1 minute ago
4AdventuredomeSIM RACING CUP 6robot_01:19.7923126211.83%098.701022 months ago1 minute ago
5AdventuredomeDRL 2020 - ADVENTUREDOMErobot_01:03.232214015.24%098.659533 months ago1 minute ago
6Allianz RivieraDRL 2018robot_01:07.188122954.07%0101.0464711 month ago1 minute ago
7Allianz RivieraRACE2VEGASrobot_01:29.250132126.13%098.91740421 month ago1 minute ago
8Allianz Riviera2019 MGP CHAMPIONSHIP - PROrobot_01:58.4804313831.16%083.313013 months ago1 minute ago
9Allianz Riviera2019 MGP CHAMPIONSHIP - SPORTrobot_01:19.480121309.23%096.783313 months ago1 minute ago
10Allianz RivieraDRL 2021 - ALLIANZrobot_01:15.7685724223.55%0100.542481 month ago1 minute ago
11Atlanta AftermathIMPACTrobot_00:55.369122105.71%097.704242 weeks ago1 minute ago
12Atlanta AftermathDRL 2017robot_00:42.527191929.90%097.838462 weeks ago1 minute ago
13Atlanta AftermathSIM RACING CUP 2robot_01:07.099222508.80%098.33042 weeks ago1 minute ago
14Atlanta AftermathDRL 2020 - ATLANTArobot_01:01.663192387.98%099.103173 months ago1 minute ago
15BMW WeltRACE2VEGASrobot_01:00.515233426.73%097.653041 month ago1 minute ago
16BMW WeltDRL 2018robot_01:00.752213685.71%0100.1768492 months ago1 minute ago
17BMW WeltFLAGSHIProbot_01:12.814137551.72%097.25201421 month ago1 minute ago
18BiosphereDRL 2018robot_01:08.365162267.08%099.799351 month ago51 seconds ago
19BiosphereRACE2VEGASrobot_00:52.1342221810.09%096.515861 month ago48 seconds ago
20BiosphereECOSYSTEMrobot_01:06.107104312.32%0100.389161 month ago45 seconds ago
21BiosphereSIM RACING CUP 1robot_01:14.326223925.61%098.932461 month ago39 seconds ago
22BiosphereDRL 2020 - Biosphererobot_01:03.094152775.42%097.13293463 months ago34 seconds ago
23BiosphereDRL 2021 - BIOSPHERErobot_01:17.2323220016.00%099.37340553 days ago31 seconds ago
24Boston FoundryDRL 2017robot_01:01.317192717.01%098.07719423 weeks ago28 seconds ago
25Boston FoundryFULL METALrobot_01:39.5982517314.45%096.21928411 month ago24 seconds ago
26Boston FoundryFOUNDRY CIRCUITrobot_00:49.573102513.98%098.018173 weeks ago22 seconds ago
27California NightsDRL 2018robot_00:53.171171829.34%097.46706393 weeks ago18 seconds ago
28California NightsDROP INrobot_01:02.100162576.23%097.20389563 months ago16 seconds ago
29California NightsDRL 2020 - CALIFORNIA NIGHTSrobot_01:21.1876517736.72%098.442511 month ago12 seconds ago
30CampGroundTHE LAKEHOUSErobot_01:30.241567237.75%099.311262 months ago9 seconds ago
31CampGroundDEVILS BACKBONErobot_00:53.3414413093.36%098.576872 months ago10 minutes ago
32CampGroundCAMPFIRErobot_01:25.382284036.95%098.664342 months ago9 minutes ago
33CampGroundTHE WILDrobot_01:05.2655542412.97%099.921912 months ago9 minutes ago
34CampGroundALLIANZ EAGLErobot_01:38.527396336.16%0100.7288671 month ago9 minutes ago
35CampGroundDRL 2021 - CAMPGROUNDrobot_01:13.4727030223.18%0101.2370681 month ago9 minutes ago
36CampGroundSUNRISE PEAKrobot_01:18.6733410223.33%0100.36413 months ago9 minutes ago
37CampGroundZIP LINErobot_01:05.9604544510.11%098.575871 month ago9 minutes ago
38Championship KingdomDRL 2018robot_01:04.920215244.01%099.199831 month ago9 minutes ago
39Championship KingdomROYALTYrobot_01:49.946712060.58%099.428631 month ago8 minutes ago
40Championship KingdomSIM RACING CUP 7robot_01:12.542263277.95%0100.3556521 month ago8 minutes ago
41DRL SandboxDRL Sandboxrobot_00:21.601174184.07%099.045691 month ago8 minutes ago
42Drone ParkCIRCUITrobot_01:32.1403434010.00%099.504323 weeks ago8 minutes ago
43Drone ParkUPRISINGrobot_01:35.831193225.90%0100.88153 months ago8 minutes ago
44Drone Park2020 TRYOUTS WEEK 2robot_01:34.2393530311.55%099.90839393 days ago8 minutes ago
45Drone Park2020 TRYOUTS WEEK 5robot_01:45.6415229117.87%099.0002061 month ago8 minutes ago
46Drone Park2020 TRYOUTS WEEK 3robot_01:18.9254729016.21%0101.6922761 month ago8 minutes ago
47Drone Park2020 TRYOUTS WEEK 1robot_01:10.630263297.90%0100.8892442 months ago8 minutes ago
48Drone Park2020 TRYOUTS WEEK 4robot_01:20.829272919.28%0100.199021 month ago7 minutes ago
49Drone Park2020 TRYOUTS FINALSrobot_01:21.393354018.73%0101.0468442 weeks ago7 minutes ago
50Drone Park2020 TRYOUTS QUALIFIERrobot_01:15.729457306.16%0101.2961653 weeks ago7 minutes ago
51Drone Park2020 TRYOUTS WEEK 6robot_01:17.890273198.46%099.269832 months ago7 minutes ago
52Drone ParkTWISTED ARENArobot_01:04.470309343.21%099.12398533 months ago7 minutes ago
53Gates of New YorkCityrobot_00:53.721167922.02%0101.9105833 weeks ago7 minutes ago
54Gates of New YorkDRL 2016robot_00:45.6503434010.00%097.672443 days ago7 minutes ago
55Gates of New YorkShipyardrobot_00:54.525246993.43%099.742161 week ago7 minutes ago
56Gates of New YorkSILENT TRAILrobot_02:12.6565630218.54%0100.0488434 days ago6 minutes ago
57Gates of New YorkCITY REWINDrobot_00:53.83283372.37%0101.73442 days ago6 minutes ago
58Gates of New YorkSHIPYARD DISASTERrobot_01:11.0873610633.39%0102.42093 months ago6 minutes ago
59Hard Rock StadiumSIDELINESrobot_00:53.0371227960.43%0101.14442 months ago6 minutes ago
60Hard Rock StadiumDRL 2017robot_00:49.790145452.57%0101.5762632 months ago5 minutes ago
61Hard Rock StadiumDRL 2019robot_01:03.316173944.31%0101.31222 months ago5 minutes ago
62Hard Rock StadiumSIM RACING CUP 3robot_01:20.706294296.76%099.771721 month ago5 minutes ago
63Hard Rock StadiumMIAMI EXPOrobot_01:04.018223206.88%0100.9118272 months ago5 minutes ago
64Hard Rock StadiumSIDELINES REVERSEDrobot_00:53.516139301.40%098.5855563 months ago5 minutes ago
65L.A. ApocalypseDRL 2016robot_00:37.9333325113.15%097.780892 days ago5 minutes ago
66L.A. ApocalypseSILENT SHOPPING MALLrobot_01:53.8304219121.99%297.738171 month ago5 minutes ago
67L.A. ApocalypseMALL WALKERrobot_01:00.444244235.67%097.909162 days ago5 minutes ago
68L.A. ApocalypseDRL 2020 - LAPOCALYPSErobot_01:12.8154720423.04%098.630523 days ago4 minutes ago
69LondonDRL 2017robot_00:55.187274176.47%099.2583163 weeks ago4 minutes ago
70LondonLONDON EXPOrobot_01:05.4062217412.64%099.434863 weeks ago4 minutes ago
71Mardi Gras WorldMASQUERADErobot_00:37.827176812.50%098.17280581 month ago4 minutes ago
72Mardi Gras WorldDRL 2017robot_00:51.293112055.37%097.364913 weeks ago4 minutes ago
73Mega CityMOONLIGHTrobot_00:56.5152116521.27%098.428523 months ago4 minutes ago
74Mega CityMONORAIL PARKrobot_01:05.2882110751.95%0100.1447373 months ago4 minutes ago
75Mega CityCOMPLEXrobot_00:46.6122612082.15%095.82995613 months ago3 minutes ago
76Mega CitySPIRErobot_00:52.710257773.22%0100.8031463 months ago3 minutes ago
77Miami LightsDRL 2016robot_01:09.8049623441.03%198.70399483 weeks ago3 minutes ago
78Miami LightsMiami Sunsetrobot_00:55.412203655.48%098.172993 months ago3 minutes ago
79MultiGPMGP 2018 NATIONAL CHAMPIONSHIProbot_01:25.035109011.11%090.95515441 month ago3 minutes ago
80MultiGPMGP 2018 IO INTERMEDIATErobot_00:42.126109610.42%095.69131472 months ago3 minutes ago
81MultiGPMGP 2017 REGIONAL FINALrobot_01:18.0031812614.29%096.456121 month ago3 minutes ago
82MultiGPMGP 2018 IO X CLASSrobot_00:34.68791048.65%096.528743 months ago3 minutes ago
83MultiGPMGP UTT 3: BESSEL RUNrobot_00:30.7301711514.78%098.120071 month ago3 minutes ago
84MultiGPMGP 2018 IO TEAMrobot_00:59.8028839.64%095.487623 months ago2 minutes ago
85MultiGPMGP 2018 IO ROOKIErobot_00:25.61891277.09%097.418363 months ago2 minutes ago
86MultiGPMGP 2015 NATIONAL CHAMPIONSHIProbot_01:03.7302410423.08%097.382282 months ago2 minutes ago
87MultiGPMGP 2018 IO SPECrobot_01:41.227188221.95%098.334891 month ago2 minutes ago
88MultiGPMGP UTT 6: FURYrobot_00:35.529129512.63%090.338111 month ago2 minutes ago
89MultiGP2019 MAYHEM TEAM EVENTrobot_03:50.1078889.09%097.6110843 months ago2 minutes ago
90MultiGPMGP 2019 IO WORLD CUProbot_01:36.92191496.04%093.319943 months ago2 minutes ago
91MultiGPMGP 2019 GLOBAL QUALIFIERrobot_00:58.6491612213.11%084.84936523 months ago2 minutes ago
92MultiGP2019 STARMACH EXHIBITIONrobot_00:48.23852432.06%095.826143 months ago2 minutes ago
93MultiGPMGP 2019 CANADIAN QUALIFIERrobot_00:59.774111567.05%092.90213 months ago2 minutes ago
94MultiGPMGP 2019 IO MEGA CLASSrobot_02:04.313111885.85%097.857453 months ago2 minutes ago
95MultiGPMGP 2019 IO ROOKIErobot_00:30.194185783.11%097.18651583 months ago2 minutes ago
96MultiGPMGP 2019 IO INTERMEDIATErobot_01:15.8901711115.32%083.986613 months ago2 minutes ago
97MultiGPMGP 2018 IO WORLD CUProbot_01:49.95498610.47%097.58469393 months ago2 minutes ago
98MultiGPMGP 2019 IO MICROrobot_01:08.544108711.49%088.458543 months ago2 minutes ago
99Munich PlayoffsDRL 2017robot_00:56.270182407.50%097.826951 month ago2 minutes ago
100Munich PlayoffsWUNDERFLOWrobot_00:53.630102144.67%097.52605443 weeks ago2 minutes ago
101Munich PlayoffsFACTIONSrobot_01:22.0731917111.11%095.767053 weeks ago2 minutes ago
102Ohio CrashsiteConfirm nor Denyrobot_00:38.26784581.75%0100.6287311 week ago2 minutes ago
103Ohio CrashsiteDRL 2016robot_00:59.603202647.58%0100.2070856 days ago2 minutes ago
104Ohio CrashsiteRestricted Arearobot_00:42.106243417.04%0101.8536835 days ago1 minute ago
105Ohio CrashsiteSIM RACING CUP 5robot_01:16.916202657.55%098.372882 days ago1 minute ago
106Out of ServiceThe Layoverrobot_00:56.641294087.11%099.50233463 months ago1 minute ago
107Out of ServiceThe Terminalrobot_01:36.123155842.57%099.953683 months ago1 minute ago
108Out of ServiceThe Scrapyardrobot_00:57.6696211375.45%098.776143 months ago1 minute ago
109Out of ServiceOOS EXPOrobot_01:05.161333419.68%099.934732 months ago1 minute ago
110Out of ServiceDUST TOWN PLAZArobot_00:57.3523312152.72%0100.6398473 months ago1 minute ago
111Project ManhattanDRL 2016robot_00:42.8763521516.28%098.828873 months ago58 seconds ago
112Project ManhattanProject Noobrobot_01:03.261193535.38%098.984531 month ago55 seconds ago
113Project ManhattanSILENT MANHATTANrobot_01:36.4844715929.56%498.953033 months ago46 seconds ago
114Skate Park LADRL 2018robot_00:50.46492563.52%097.629311 month ago43 seconds ago
115Skate Park LARACE2VEGASrobot_01:12.201151649.15%094.60499573 weeks ago40 seconds ago
116Skate Park LAVALKENBURG SESSIONrobot_01:18.0292013814.49%169.772072 months ago38 seconds ago
117The BridgeDRL TRYOUTS QUALIFIER 2019robot_01:07.610325286.06%099.235281 month ago36 seconds ago
118The BridgeRACE2VEGASrobot_01:00.303273687.34%098.718491 month ago29 seconds ago
119The BridgeTRYOUTS LAS VEGAS 2019robot_01:01.4276643415.21%098.417283 months ago24 seconds ago
120The BridgeSIM RACING CUP 4robot_01:28.5189029630.41%0100.3864142 months ago19 seconds ago
121The BridgeDRL 2020 - BRIDGErobot_00:56.732123593.34%099.682593 months ago15 seconds ago
122The HouseBAD NEIGHBORrobot_01:23.5393323514.04%084.382643 days ago11 seconds ago
123U.S. Air Force BoneyardSTRATOTANKERrobot_01:20.068176982.44%0100.0374681 month ago9 minutes ago
124U.S. Air Force Boneyard (Night)BLACKBIRDrobot_01:17.365187222.49%0100.0991212 months ago9 minutes ago
125U.S. Air Force Boneyard (Night)THUNDERBOLTrobot_01:13.397215044.17%0100.9881212 months ago9 minutes ago
126U.S. Air Force Boneyard (Night)NIGHTHAWKrobot_01:35.408234804.79%0100.0554892 months ago9 minutes ago

3 lowest positions
PositionTrackTimePercent Rank
(96)Miami Lights - DRL 201601:09.80441.03%
(90)The Bridge - SIM RACING CUP 401:28.51830.41%
(70)CampGround - DRL 2021 - CAMPGROUND01:13.47223.18%

3 lowest percent ranks
Percent RankTrackTimePosition
(41.03%)Miami Lights - DRL 201601:09.80496
(36.72%)California Nights - DRL 2020 - CALIFORNIA NIGHTS01:21.18765
(31.16%)Allianz Riviera - 2019 MGP CHAMPIONSHIP - PRO01:58.48043

Profile Name:robot_
Average Position:(25.66)
Estimated Score:(9450)
Total Crashes:(8)
Steam Id:76561198843149446
Profile Colorff0000

Incomplete Tracks
12016 World ChampionshipDRL 2020 - DETROIT
2Allianz RivieraDRL 2020 - RIVIERA
3BMW WeltDRL 2020 - THE WELT
4Championship KingdomDRL 2020 - KINGDOM
5Championship KingdomDRL 2021 - KINGDOM
6DRL SandboxStraight Line
7Gates of New YorkWoods
8Gates of New YorkDRL 2020 - GONY
9Hard Rock StadiumDRL 2020 - MIAMI
10LondonDRL 2020 - LONDON
11Mardi Gras WorldDRL 2020 - MARDI GRAS
12Miami LightsThe End Zone
15MultiGPMGP UTT 1
18MultiGPMGP 2018 IO MICRO
22Ohio CrashsiteDRL 2020 - OHIO CRASH SITE
23Project ManhattanThe Trinity Test
24U.S. Air Force BoneyardSIM RACING CUP 8
25U.S. Air Force BoneyardDRL 2020 - USAF
26U.S. Air Force BoneyardDRL 2021 - USAF

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