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12016 World ChampionshipDRL 2016star23467500:43.54906 minutes ago
22016 World ChampionshipDRL 2020 - DETROITstar23467500:48.29406 minutes ago
32017 World ChampionshipDRL 2017star23467100:41.47706 minutes ago
42017 World ChampionshipDRL 2020 - LONDONstar23467100:49.09706 minutes ago
5AdventuredomeRACE2VEGASstar23467301:08.23206 minutes ago
6AdventuredomeDRL 2018star23467300:45.54506 minutes ago
7AdventuredomeSIM RACING CUP 6star23467101:01.70406 minutes ago
8AdventuredomeDRL 2020 - ADVENTUREDOMEstar23467200:48.20106 minutes ago
9Allianz RivieraDRL 2018star23467400:53.32306 minutes ago
10Allianz RivieraRACE2VEGASstar23467201:10.87606 minutes ago
11Allianz Riviera2019 MGP CHAMPIONSHIP - SPORTstar23467301:03.26006 minutes ago
12Allianz Riviera2019 MGP CHAMPIONSHIP - PROstar23467301:13.14406 minutes ago
13Atlanta AftermathIMPACTstar23467400:44.83106 minutes ago
14Atlanta AftermathDRL 2017star23467300:32.95406 minutes ago
15Atlanta AftermathSIM RACING CUP 2star23467100:52.26506 minutes ago
16Atlanta AftermathDRL 2020 - ATLANTAstar23467500:49.21706 minutes ago
17BMW WeltRACE2VEGASstar23467100:47.07306 minutes ago
18BMW WeltDRL 2018star23467200:46.99106 minutes ago
19BMW WeltFLAGSHIPstar23467100:58.32706 minutes ago
20BMW WeltDRL 2020 - THE WELTstar23467300:49.61306 minutes ago
21BiosphereDRL 2018star23467100:53.41606 minutes ago
22BiosphereRACE2VEGASstar23467100:37.63606 minutes ago
23BiosphereECOSYSTEMstar23467200:53.28306 minutes ago
24BiosphereSIM RACING CUP 1star23467400:58.32406 minutes ago
25Boston FoundryFULL METALstar23467101:16.19106 minutes ago
26Boston FoundryDRL 2017star23467500:48.42206 minutes ago
27California NightsDRL 2018star23467400:40.07806 minutes ago
28California NightsDROP INstar23467300:48.61706 minutes ago
29California NightsDRL 2020 - CALIFORNIA NIGHTSstar23467400:47.70506 minutes ago
30Championship KingdomDRL 2018star23467200:51.64806 minutes ago
31Championship KingdomROYALTYstar23467301:30.23806 minutes ago
32Championship KingdomSIM RACING CUP 7star23467600:57.50106 minutes ago
33Championship KingdomDRL 2020 - KINGDOMstar23467200:47.61106 minutes ago
34DRL SandboxDRL Sandboxstar23467300:17.32506 minutes ago
35DRL SandboxStraight Linestar23467300:12.15006 minutes ago
36Drone ParkCIRCUITstar23467201:09.17306 minutes ago
37Drone ParkUPRISINGstar23467201:15.88806 minutes ago
38Drone Park2020 TRYOUTS QUALIFIERstar23467300:59.37106 minutes ago
39Drone Park2020 TRYOUTS WEEK 1star23467600:55.16406 minutes ago
40Drone Park2020 TRYOUTS WEEK 2star23467101:12.64306 minutes ago
41Drone Park2020 TRYOUTS WEEK 3star23467100:59.63206 minutes ago
42Drone Park2020 TRYOUTS WEEK 4star23467201:02.46606 minutes ago
43Drone Park2020 TRYOUTS WEEK 5star23467601:19.59006 minutes ago
44Drone Park2020 TRYOUTS WEEK 6star23467500:59.70606 minutes ago
45Drone Park2020 TRYOUTS FINALSstar23467101:02.25606 minutes ago
46Gates of HellCitystar23467200:43.12306 minutes ago
47Gates of HellDRL 2016star23467100:33.72606 minutes ago
48Gates of HellShipyardstar23467300:43.82806 minutes ago
49Gates of HellWoodsstar23467201:15.16706 minutes ago
50Gates of HellSILENT TRAILstar23467201:44.37306 minutes ago
51Gates of HellCITY REWINDstar23467500:43.85706 minutes ago
52Gates of HellDRL 2020 - GONYstar23467300:48.47906 minutes ago
53Hard Rock StadiumSIDELINESstar23467600:43.12806 minutes ago
54Hard Rock StadiumDRL 2019star23467100:51.15106 minutes ago
55Hard Rock StadiumDRL 2017star23467100:39.56106 minutes ago
56Hard Rock StadiumSIM RACING CUP 3star23467201:03.55806 minutes ago
57Hard Rock StadiumDRL 2020 - MIAMIstar23467100:50.05506 minutes ago
58Hard Rock StadiumSIDELINES REVERSEDstar23467300:43.41806 minutes ago
59L.A. ApocalypseDRL 2016star23467600:29.34506 minutes ago
60L.A. ApocalypseSILENT SHOPPING MALLstar23467101:14.12906 minutes ago
61L.A. ApocalypseMALL WALKERstar23467200:49.03006 minutes ago
62L.A. ApocalypseDRL 2020 - LAPOCALYPSEstar23467100:49.19706 minutes ago
63Mardi Gras WorldMASQUERADEstar23467300:29.97706 minutes ago
64Mardi Gras WorldDRL 2017star23467500:40.83106 minutes ago
65Mardi Gras WorldDRL 2020 - MARDI GRASstar23467200:48.84006 minutes ago
66Miami LightsDRL 2016star23467100:46.19206 minutes ago
67Miami LightsMiami Sunsetstar23467300:45.04806 minutes ago
68Miami LightsThe End Zonestar23467400:33.09006 minutes ago
69MultiGPMGP UTT 1star23467500:30.18906 minutes ago
70MultiGPMGP UTT 2: TSUNAMIstar23467500:23.03006 minutes ago
71MultiGPMGP UTT 5: NAUTILUSstar23467400:18.67106 minutes ago
72MultiGPMGP UTT 6: FURYstar23467200:26.70006 minutes ago
73MultiGPMGP UTT 4: HIGH VOLTAGEstar23467100:29.14806 minutes ago
74MultiGPMGP UTT 3: BESSEL RUNstar23467300:22.83606 minutes ago
75MultiGPMGP 2018 REGIONAL QUALIFIERstar23467100:47.45006 minutes ago
76MultiGPMGP 2018 REGIONAL FINALstar23467201:28.32506 minutes ago
77MultiGPMGP 2018 IO INTERMEDIATEstar23467200:33.84106 minutes ago
78MultiGPMGP 2018 IO MICROstar23467101:07.71806 minutes ago
79MultiGPMGP 2018 IO SPECstar23467301:15.01806 minutes ago
80MultiGPMGP 2018 IO ROOKIEstar23467300:20.71406 minutes ago
81MultiGPMGP 2017 REGIONAL FINALstar23467200:58.56106 minutes ago
82MultiGPMGP 2016 NATIONAL CHAMPIONSHIPstar23467201:27.22006 minutes ago
83MultiGPMGP 2018 IO TEAMstar23467300:49.30006 minutes ago
84MultiGPMGP 2018 IO X CLASSstar23467300:27.32606 minutes ago
85MultiGPMGP 2018 NATIONAL CHAMPIONSHIPstar23467201:04.78006 minutes ago
86MultiGPMGP 2015 NATIONAL CHAMPIONSHIPstar23467300:46.80706 minutes ago
87MultiGPMGP UTT 8: REVENGEstar23467400:34.58306 minutes ago
88MultiGPMGP 2019 GLOBAL QUALIFIERstar23467100:43.66806 minutes ago
89MultiGP2019 MAYHEM TEAM EVENTstar23467203:08.08206 minutes ago
90MultiGPMGP 2019 IO WORLD CUPstar23467301:16.33106 minutes ago
91MultiGP2019 STARMACH EXHIBITIONstar23467500:39.69606 minutes ago
92MultiGPMGP 2019 CANADIAN QUALIFIERstar23467300:49.62306 minutes ago
93MultiGPMGP 2019 IO INTERMEDIATEstar23467100:53.71906 minutes ago
94MultiGPMGP 2019 IO MICROstar23467300:51.58706 minutes ago
95MultiGPMGP 2019 IO ROOKIEstar23467500:23.98206 minutes ago
96MultiGPMGP 2019 IO MEGA CLASSstar23467301:39.63006 minutes ago
97MultiGPMGP 2018 IO WORLD CUPstar23467201:28.97006 minutes ago
98Munich PlayoffsWUNDERFLOWstar23467100:40.93406 minutes ago
99Munich PlayoffsFACTIONSstar23467501:03.37606 minutes ago
100Munich PlayoffsDRL 2017star23467200:42.52406 minutes ago
101Ohio CrashsiteConfirm nor Denystar23467300:31.12906 minutes ago
102Ohio CrashsiteDRL 2016star23467300:47.22406 minutes ago
103Ohio CrashsiteRestricted Areastar23467300:34.36806 minutes ago
104Ohio CrashsiteSIM RACING CUP 5star23467301:00.25406 minutes ago
105Ohio CrashsiteDRL 2020 - OHIO CRASH SITEstar23467200:48.49906 minutes ago
106Out of ServiceThe Scrapyardstar23467600:46.12906 minutes ago
107Out of ServiceTHE LAYOVERstar23467500:44.56206 minutes ago
108Out of ServiceTHE TERMINALstar23467301:18.12206 minutes ago
109Project ManhattanDRL 2016star23467300:32.83406 minutes ago
110Project ManhattanProject Noobstar23467300:51.82606 minutes ago
111Project ManhattanThe Trinity Teststar23467300:30.30206 minutes ago
112Project ManhattanSILENT MANHATTANstar23467300:57.22006 minutes ago
113Skate Park LADRL 2018star23467200:38.17306 minutes ago
114Skate Park LARACE2VEGASstar23467200:54.79206 minutes ago
115Skate Park LAVALKENBURG SESSIONstar23467400:55.81406 minutes ago
116The BridgeDRL TRYOUTS QUALIFIER 2019star23467200:53.36806 minutes ago
117The BridgeRACE2VEGASstar23467500:46.51906 minutes ago
118The BridgeTRYOUTS LAS VEGAS 2019star23467500:43.43706 minutes ago
119The BridgeSIM RACING CUP 4star23467200:59.86406 minutes ago
120The BridgeDRL 2020 - BRIDGEstar23467300:44.46106 minutes ago
121The HouseBAD NEIGHBORstar23467401:01.96106 minutes ago
122U.S. Air Force BoneyardSIM RACING CUP 8star23467101:00.63106 minutes ago
123U.S. Air Force BoneyardSTRATOTANKERstar23467101:03.96206 minutes ago
124U.S. Air Force BoneyardDRL 2020 - USAFstar23467500:49.15706 minutes ago
125BiosphereDRL 2020 - Biospherestar23467300:49.96106 minutes ago
126Allianz RivieraDRL 2020 RIVIERAstar23467100:49.26506 minutes ago
127Boston FoundryFOUNDRY CIRCUITstar23467300:40.11806 minutes ago
128Out of ServiceDRL 2020 - OOS EXPOstar23467100:51.17206 minutes ago
129Hard Rock StadiumDRL 2020 - MIAMI EXPOstar23467200:49.39206 minutes ago
1302017 World ChampionshipDRL 2020 - LONDON EXPOstar23467300:50.01306 minutes ago

3 lowest positions
(6) Out of Service - The Scrapyard - 00:46.129
(6) Championship Kingdom - SIM RACING CUP 7 - 00:57.501
(6) Hard Rock Stadium - SIDELINES - 00:43.128

Profile Name:star23467
Average Position:(2.78)
Estimated Score:(12740)
Total Crashes:(0)
Steam Id:76561198070829514
Profile Color0600f0

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