The Drone Racing League Simulator Leaderboards

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#MapTrackTimePlace% RankTime Behind LeaderTime Behind RivalCrashesTop SpeedTime SetUpdated
12016 World ChampionshipDRL 201601:07.45719597.50%00:16.12500:00.150197.71 year ago4 minutes ago
22016 World ChampionshipDRL 2020 - DETROIT01:10.01714271.00%00:11.99500:00.059097.71 year ago4 minutes ago
3AdventuredomeRACE2VEGAS01:40.51113768.50%00:18.73900:00.069097.21 year ago4 minutes ago
4AdventuredomeDRL 201801:04.43514170.50%00:09.55200:00.0930101.71 year ago4 minutes ago
5AdventuredomeDRL 2020 - ADVENTUREDOME01:11.64519899.00%00:13.35200:00.172096.11 year ago4 minutes ago
6Allianz RivieraDRL 201801:14.18511256.00%00:11.46600:00.320099.61 year ago4 minutes ago
7Allianz RivieraRACE2VEGAS02:06.19815678.00%00:50.87300:00.068294.51 year ago4 minutes ago
8Allianz Riviera2019 MGP CHAMPIONSHIP - PRO02:16.52413668.00%01:00.44400:00.195181.51 year ago4 minutes ago
9Allianz Riviera2019 MGP CHAMPIONSHIP - SPORT02:09.53818090.00%01:02.05500:00.059286.81 year ago4 minutes ago
10Allianz RivieraDRL 2020 - RIVIERA01:08.42612462.00%00:10.26100:00.016099.51 year ago4 minutes ago
11Allianz RivieraDRL 2021 - ALLIANZ01:19.37618391.50%00:09.79200:00.0890100.21 year ago4 minutes ago
12Atlanta AftermathAPOCALYPSE01:04.65010351.50%00:15.66100:00.066095.39 months ago4 minutes ago
13Atlanta AftermathAPOCALYPSE01:19.62719095.00%00:30.63800:00.039094.73 months ago4 minutes ago
14Atlanta AftermathIMPACT01:11.57914974.50%00:22.00800:00.008091.31 year ago4 minutes ago
15Atlanta AftermathSIM RACING CUP 201:19.46216080.00%00:16.32300:00.012297.51 year ago4 minutes ago
16Atlanta AftermathDRL 2020 - ATLANTA01:12.85719597.50%00:14.90600:00.107098.71 year ago4 minutes ago
17BMW WeltRACE2VEGAS01:05.93415678.00%00:09.30500:00.001097.21 year ago4 minutes ago
18BMW WeltDRL 201801:06.86519597.50%00:09.75800:00.077098.41 year ago4 minutes ago
19BMW WeltFLAGSHIP01:16.64016281.00%00:05.69000:00.023098.01 year ago4 minutes ago
20BMW WeltDRL 2020 - THE WELT01:12.13911658.00%00:13.13100:00.058096.31 year ago4 minutes ago
21BiosphereDRL 201801:21.30714773.50%00:17.28800:00.042098.11 year ago4 minutes ago
22BiosphereRACE2VEGAS01:01.94713467.00%00:19.25700:00.079298.81 year ago4 minutes ago
23BiosphereECOSYSTEM01:12.29716582.50%00:08.23000:00.0970100.21 year ago4 minutes ago
24BiosphereSIM RACING CUP 101:21.78317487.00%00:11.68200:00.045099.61 year ago4 minutes ago
25BiosphereDRL 2020 - Biosphere01:18.46616080.00%00:19.47500:00.120095.91 year ago4 minutes ago
26BiosphereDRL 2021 - BIOSPHERE01:20.23314271.00%00:07.96300:00.045098.11 year ago3 minutes ago
27Boston FoundryFOUNDRY CIRCUIT00:55.7319648.00%00:08.94000:00.091098.11 year ago3 minutes ago
28California NightsDRL 201801:07.38211356.50%00:22.29200:00.179094.91 year ago3 minutes ago
29California NightsDROP IN01:14.89912964.50%00:17.26800:00.363196.71 year ago3 minutes ago
30California NightsDRL 2020 - CALIFORNIA NIGHTS01:20.91818090.00%00:23.34000:00.019092.51 year ago3 minutes ago
31CampGroundCAMPFIRE01:39.93018894.00%00:19.62800:00.382097.81 year ago3 minutes ago
32CampGroundALLIANZ EAGLE01:40.50413969.50%00:05.82200:00.0130100.91 year ago3 minutes ago
33CampGroundDRL 2021 - CAMPGROUND01:13.97216984.50%00:04.23600:00.022099.91 year ago3 minutes ago
34Championship KingdomSILENT #FREETHEBRIDGE02:41.24414271.00%01:17.51400:00.480097.71 year ago3 minutes ago
35Championship KingdomDRL 201801:08.00815979.50%00:05.53600:00.040098.91 year ago3 minutes ago
36Championship KingdomSIM RACING CUP 701:17.91119899.00%00:08.93700:00.113099.21 year ago3 minutes ago
37Championship KingdomDRL 2020 - KINGDOM01:09.35912964.50%00:11.67900:00.224098.21 year ago3 minutes ago
38Championship KingdomDRL 2021 - KINGDOM01:20.99919999.50%00:08.56000:00.1610101.01 year ago3 minutes ago
39DRL SandboxDRL Sandbox00:22.06613768.50%00:01.13100:00.016099.11 year ago3 minutes ago
40Drone ParkCIRCUIT01:36.90013266.00%00:13.29100:00.303096.01 year ago3 minutes ago
41Drone ParkUPRISING01:38.94711356.50%00:08.11500:00.0810100.11 year ago3 minutes ago
42Drone Park2020 TRYOUTS WEEK 501:47.64315075.00%00:10.40700:00.079098.71 year ago3 minutes ago
43Drone Park2020 TRYOUTS WEEK 201:36.51413366.50%00:07.35800:00.0490100.31 year ago2 minutes ago
44Drone Park2020 TRYOUTS WEEK 301:21.40414773.50%00:08.56900:00.0890102.01 year ago2 minutes ago
45Drone Park2020 TRYOUTS WEEK 401:24.98116381.50%00:08.75100:00.082098.71 year ago2 minutes ago
46Drone Park2020 TRYOUTS WEEK 101:12.37413467.00%00:04.83100:00.0140101.31 year ago2 minutes ago
47Drone Park2020 TRYOUTS FINALS01:24.63718090.00%00:08.15700:00.0700100.21 year ago2 minutes ago
48Drone Park2020 TRYOUTS WEEK 601:21.65414673.00%00:09.14300:00.072099.11 year ago2 minutes ago
49Gates of New YorkCity00:55.68516180.50%00:03.58600:00.025099.11 year ago2 minutes ago
50Gates of New YorkWoods01:34.80317889.00%00:05.41000:00.0220100.21 year ago2 minutes ago
51Gates of New YorkSILENT TRAIL02:14.87113366.50%00:09.92200:00.420099.21 year ago2 minutes ago
52Gates of New YorkTHE CIRCUS YACHT 00:57.72818693.00%00:05.64000:00.004098.61 year ago2 minutes ago
53Gates of New YorkTREETOPS02:25.5077437.00%00:12.87300:00.2470100.41 year ago2 minutes ago
54Gates of New YorkSILENT CITY CIRCUIT01:06.97813366.50%00:04.25800:00.022098.91 year ago2 minutes ago
55Gates of New YorkCITY REWIND00:57.63014472.00%00:05.00000:00.0830100.41 year ago2 minutes ago
56Gates of New YorkGLENWOOD01:27.36010854.00%00:25.76500:00.418187.11 year ago2 minutes ago
57Gates of New YorkDRL 2020 - GONY01:08.95613065.00%00:10.33200:00.257098.61 year ago2 minutes ago
58Hard Rock StadiumSIM RACING CUP 301:25.38019195.50%00:09.02400:00.002099.81 year ago2 minutes ago
59Hard Rock StadiumDRL 2020 - MIAMI01:11.90916080.00%00:11.45100:00.092099.41 year ago2 minutes ago
60L.A. ApocalypseSILENT SHOPPING MALL01:52.47612060.00%00:25.17200:00.013094.61 year ago2 minutes ago
61L.A. ApocalypseMALL WALKER01:02.22417085.00%00:03.60700:00.003097.81 year ago2 minutes ago
62L.A. ApocalypseDRL 2020 - LAPOCALYPSE01:13.70411859.00%00:14.86100:00.211098.41 year ago2 minutes ago
63LondonDRL 201700:59.30511356.50%00:09.39100:00.013098.71 year ago1 minute ago
64LondonLONDON 2017 REWIND01:57.8628743.50%00:22.43800:00.139097.71 year ago1 minute ago
65LondonLONDON EXPO01:21.95016281.00%00:21.30400:00.080094.01 year ago1 minute ago
66Londonallianz expo01:27.9296231.00%00:15.04600:00.481096.29 months ago1 minute ago
67LondonDRL 2020 - LONDON01:18.65712964.50%00:19.28000:00.061094.31 year ago1 minute ago
68Mardi Gras WorldDRL 201700:57.96511256.00%00:09.35500:00.113097.51 year ago1 minute ago
69Mardi Gras WorldPUMPKIN'S REVENGE01:02.67010150.50%00:06.64600:00.046096.51 year ago1 minute ago
70Mardi Gras WorldDRL 2020 - MARDI GRAS01:14.25211055.00%00:15.28900:00.065096.61 year ago1 minute ago
71Mega CityMOONLIGHT00:57.49215778.50%00:02.37300:00.003099.111 months ago1 minute ago
72Miami LightsDRL 201601:03.39115979.50%00:08.10200:00.036098.31 year ago1 minute ago
73Miami LightsMiami Sunset00:56.92714974.50%00:03.12200:00.011098.31 year ago1 minute ago
74Miami LightsThe End Zone00:43.75414371.50%00:04.20700:00.033099.11 year ago1 minute ago
75MultiGPMGP 2018 NATIONAL CHAMPIONSHIP01:47.67410150.50%00:35.32900:00.263189.31 year ago1 minute ago
76MultiGPMGP 2018 REGIONAL QUALIFIER01:31.72113668.00%00:35.14900:00.123286.81 year ago1 minute ago
77MultiGPMGP UTT 100:45.91110351.50%00:10.11100:00.191099.41 year ago1 minute ago
78MultiGPMGP UTT 4: HIGH VOLTAGE00:53.94914673.00%00:19.11200:00.039095.21 year ago1 minute ago
79MultiGPMGP 2018 REGIONAL FINAL02:45.42611155.50%01:10.06400:00.618392.71 year ago1 minute ago
80MultiGPMGP 2017 REGIONAL FINAL01:28.48010050.00%00:21.45500:00.534096.11 year ago1 minute ago
81MultiGPMGP 2018 IO X CLASS00:46.26412964.50%00:14.08400:00.331096.91 year ago1 minute ago
82MultiGPMGP UTT 8: REVENGE01:01.94111859.00%00:23.57300:00.132096.71 year ago1 minute ago
83MultiGPMGP 2015 NATIONAL CHAMPIONSHIP01:08.11510954.50%00:13.15700:00.172096.91 year ago1 minute ago
84MultiGPMGP UTT 6: FURY00:44.4668040.00%00:15.62300:00.153088.41 year ago57 seconds ago
85MultiGPMGP 2018 IO ROOKIE00:32.11912663.00%00:07.36600:00.051091.61 year ago53 seconds ago
86MultiGPMGP 2019 IO WORLD CUP02:11.96514070.00%00:47.38400:00.131484.81 year ago49 seconds ago
87MultiGP2019 STARMACH EXHIBITION00:58.44815979.50%00:12.95500:00.221096.21 year ago45 seconds ago
88MultiGPMGP 2019 CANADIAN QUALIFIER01:24.27412763.50%00:33.52700:00.528391.51 year ago44 seconds ago
89MultiGPMGP 2019 IO MEGA CLASS02:15.14913366.50%00:16.03300:00.140097.31 year ago42 seconds ago
90MultiGPMGP 2019 IO ROOKIE00:35.36719497.00%00:12.65800:00.035092.21 year ago40 seconds ago
91MultiGPMGP 2019 IO INTERMEDIATE01:59.91517286.00%01:05.10900:01.035184.910 months ago36 seconds ago
92MultiGPMGP 2018 IO WORLD CUP02:14.9689849.00%00:34.52600:00.288397.71 year ago35 seconds ago
93Munich PlayoffsWUNDERFLOW01:09.95710552.50%00:23.42900:00.585097.51 year ago31 seconds ago
94Munich PlayoffsFACTIONS01:37.11110050.00%00:31.36100:00.109393.71 year ago29 seconds ago
95Ohio CrashsiteConfirm nor Deny00:40.26917587.50%00:03.07100:00.016098.11 year ago27 seconds ago
96Ohio CrashsiteDRL 201601:03.42913467.00%00:06.77000:00.030098.41 year ago25 seconds ago
97Ohio CrashsiteRestricted Area00:43.49717688.00%00:02.74700:00.020098.11 year ago23 seconds ago
98Ohio CrashsiteSIM RACING CUP 501:21.31611859.00%00:08.91000:00.003098.01 year ago22 seconds ago
99Ohio CrashsiteDRL 2020 - OHIO CRASH SITE01:14.74312261.00%00:17.96400:00.336097.71 year ago19 seconds ago
100Out of ServiceThe Layover01:04.99016582.50%00:13.66600:00.301298.51 year ago17 seconds ago
101Out of ServiceThe Terminal01:39.48516884.00%00:06.58700:00.018099.61 year ago15 seconds ago
102Out of ServiceSILENT AIRLINES02:46.7579246.00%00:23.28300:00.009097.71 year ago14 seconds ago
103Out of ServiceCTG / 02: DERELICT DESERT01:16.44613668.00%00:10.49100:00.243098.01 year ago11 seconds ago
104Out of ServiceDUST TOWN01:57.70113869.00%00:22.72900:00.203098.61 year ago9 seconds ago
105Out of ServiceTHE SCRAPYARD00:57.93714974.50%00:03.09700:00.008098.61 year ago7 seconds ago
106Out of ServiceOOS EXPO01:08.70319698.00%00:06.62300:00.022099.71 year ago5 seconds ago
107Project ManhattanProject Noob01:04.42614170.50%00:02.72700:00.013098.61 year ago14 minutes ago
108Project ManhattanThe Trinity Test00:38.2668844.00%00:02.50900:00.007098.51 year ago14 minutes ago
109Project ManhattanSILENT MANHATTAN01:23.5019648.00%00:15.68700:00.175098.91 year ago14 minutes ago
110Skate Park LARACE2VEGAS01:36.25412964.50%00:34.28300:00.384196.91 year ago14 minutes ago
111The BridgeDRL TRYOUTS QUALIFIER 201901:10.71617989.50%00:06.58600:00.023099.81 year ago14 minutes ago
112The BridgeRACE2VEGAS01:04.18612261.00%00:10.85900:00.058098.91 year ago14 minutes ago
113The BridgeTRYOUTS LAS VEGAS 201900:58.54410954.50%00:07.17300:00.083099.41 year ago14 minutes ago
114The BridgeSIM RACING CUP 401:23.39516180.50%00:10.79100:00.025098.31 year ago14 minutes ago
115The BridgeDRL 2020 - BRIDGE01:04.84119095.00%00:10.97500:00.0250100.41 year ago14 minutes ago
116The HouseBAD NEIGHBOR01:38.81313869.00%00:32.35000:00.283086.31 year ago13 minutes ago
117U.S. Air Force BoneyardSTRATOTANKER01:22.41514271.00%00:05.46000:00.002099.91 year ago13 minutes ago
118U.S. Air Force BoneyardDRL 2020 - USAF01:10.23011959.50%00:42.92700:00.090095.71 year ago13 minutes ago
119U.S. Air Force BoneyardDRL 2021 - USAF01:20.36917788.50%00:09.03600:00.001098.11 year ago13 minutes ago
120U.S. Air Force Boneyard (Night)NIGHTHAWK01:40.10515175.50%00:09.41000:00.0060100.21 year ago13 minutes ago
121U.S. Air Force Boneyard (Night)THUNDERBOLT01:15.28917286.00%00:03.93500:00.0070100.11 year ago13 minutes ago
122MultiGPMORNING CRUISE01:24.1195628.00%00:05.37500:00.004098.410 months ago13 minutes ago
123MultiGPFIGURE 8 (3 LAPS)00:49.91910351.50%00:02.70000:00.014098.11 year ago13 minutes ago

10 lowest positions
PositionTrackTimePercent Rank
(199)Championship Kingdom - DRL 2021 - KINGDOM01:20.99999.50%
(198)Championship Kingdom - SIM RACING CUP 701:17.91199.00%
(198)Adventuredome - DRL 2020 - ADVENTUREDOME01:11.64599.00%
(196)Out of Service - OOS EXPO01:08.70398.00%
(195)Atlanta Aftermath - DRL 2020 - ATLANTA01:12.85797.50%
(195)BMW Welt - DRL 201801:06.86597.50%
(195)2016 World Championship - DRL 201601:07.45797.50%
(194)MultiGP - MGP 2019 IO ROOKIE00:35.36797.00%
(191)Hard Rock Stadium - SIM RACING CUP 301:25.38095.50%
(190)The Bridge - DRL 2020 - BRIDGE01:04.84195.00%

10 lowest percent ranks
Percent RankTrackTimePosition
(99.50%)Championship Kingdom - DRL 2021 - KINGDOM01:20.999199
(99.00%)Adventuredome - DRL 2020 - ADVENTUREDOME01:11.645198
(99.00%)Championship Kingdom - SIM RACING CUP 701:17.911198
(98.00%)Out of Service - OOS EXPO01:08.703196
(97.50%)2016 World Championship - DRL 201601:07.457195
(97.50%)BMW Welt - DRL 201801:06.865195
(97.50%)Atlanta Aftermath - DRL 2020 - ATLANTA01:12.857195
(97.00%)MultiGP - MGP 2019 IO ROOKIE00:35.367194
(95.50%)Hard Rock Stadium - SIM RACING CUP 301:25.380191
(95.00%)Atlanta Aftermath - APOCALYPSE01:19.627190

10 Oldest Races
Time AgoDateTrackTimePosition
1 year ago2023-07-05 17:40:15MultiGP - MGP UTT 4: HIGH VOLTAGE00:53.949146
1 year ago2023-07-05 17:40:20Gates of New York - City00:55.685161
1 year ago2023-07-05 17:41:39DRL Sandbox - DRL Sandbox00:22.066137
1 year ago2023-07-05 17:41:39Gates of New York - Woods01:34.803178
1 year ago2023-07-05 17:41:40MultiGP - MGP 2018 IO X CLASS00:46.264129
1 year ago2023-07-05 17:41:42Out of Service - The Layover01:04.990165
1 year ago2023-07-05 17:41:58Gates of New York - TREETOPS02:25.50774
1 year ago2023-07-05 17:41:58Championship Kingdom - SIM RACING CUP 701:17.911198
1 year ago2023-07-05 17:42:00Gates of New York - SILENT TRAIL02:14.871133
1 year ago2023-07-05 17:42:01U.S. Air Force Boneyard (Night) - THUNDERBOLT01:15.289172

5 farthest behind leader times
(01:17.514)Championship Kingdom - SILENT #FREETHEBRIDGE02:41.24401:23.730142
(01:10.064)MultiGP - MGP 2018 REGIONAL FINAL02:45.42601:35.362111
(01:05.109)MultiGP - MGP 2019 IO INTERMEDIATE01:59.91500:54.806172
(01:02.055)Allianz Riviera - 2019 MGP CHAMPIONSHIP - SPORT02:09.53801:07.483180
(01:00.444)Allianz Riviera - 2019 MGP CHAMPIONSHIP - PRO02:16.52401:16.080136

5 closest to leader times
(00:01.131)DRL Sandbox - DRL Sandbox00:22.06600:20.935137
(00:02.373)Mega City - MOONLIGHT00:57.49200:55.119157
(00:02.509)Project Manhattan - The Trinity Test00:38.26600:35.75788
(00:02.700)MultiGP - FIGURE 8 (3 LAPS)00:49.91900:47.219103
(00:02.727)Project Manhattan - Project Noob01:04.42601:01.699141

5 farthest behind rival times
(00:01.035)MultiGP - MGP 2019 IO INTERMEDIATE01:59.91501:58.880172
(00:00.618)MultiGP - MGP 2018 REGIONAL FINAL02:45.42602:44.808111
(00:00.585)Munich Playoffs - WUNDERFLOW01:09.95701:09.372105
(00:00.534)MultiGP - MGP 2017 REGIONAL FINAL01:28.48001:27.946100
(00:00.528)MultiGP - MGP 2019 CANADIAN QUALIFIER01:24.27401:23.746127

5 closest to rival times
(00:00.001)BMW Welt - RACE2VEGAS01:05.93401:05.933156
(00:00.001)U.S. Air Force Boneyard - DRL 2021 - USAF01:20.36901:20.368177
(00:00.002)U.S. Air Force Boneyard - STRATOTANKER01:22.41501:22.413142
(00:00.002)Hard Rock Stadium - SIM RACING CUP 301:25.38001:25.378191
(00:00.003)Ohio Crashsite - SIM RACING CUP 501:21.31601:21.313118

Profile Name:syl
Average Position:(141.03)
Average Percent Rank:(70.52%)
Estimated Score:(0)
Total Crashes:(35)
Steam Id:76561198876657769
Profile Color10c100

Incomplete Tracks or over 200th place
1AdventuredomeSIM RACING CUP 6
2Atlanta AftermathDRL 2017
3BiosphereDRL 2022-23 BIOSPHERE
4Boston FoundryDRL 2017
5Boston FoundryFULL METAL
8CampGroundTHE WILD
11CampGroundZIP LINE
12CampGroundDRL 2022-23 ALPINE VALLEY
13CampGroundDRL 2022-23 TEXAS
14Championship KingdomROYALTY
15Championship KingdomDRL 2022-23 KINGDOM
16DRL SandboxStraight Line
19Gates of New YorkDRL 2016
20Gates of New YorkShipyard
22Gates of New YorkDRL 2022-23 DRL SIM LIVE
23Hard Rock StadiumSIDELINES
24Hard Rock StadiumDRL 2017
25Hard Rock StadiumDRL 2019
26Hard Rock StadiumMIAMI EXPO
28L.A. ApocalypseDRL 2016
29L.A. ApocalypseDRL 2022-23 L.A.POCALYPSE
30Mardi Gras WorldMASQUERADE
32Mega CitySPIRE
33Mega CityCOMPLEX
34Mega CityDRL 2022-23 METACITY
37MultiGPMGP 2018 IO MICRO
40MultiGPMGP 2018 IO SPEC
42MultiGPMGP 2018 IO TEAM
45MultiGPMGP 2019 IO MICRO
46Munich PlayoffsDRL 2017
47Out of ServiceDUST TOWN PLAZA
48Out of ServiceTHE YARDSCRAP
51Project ManhattanDRL 2016
52Silicon ValleyDRL 2022-23 - RACE IN THE CLOUD
53Silicon ValleySCRIMMAGE
54Silicon ValleyCORNER KICK
55Silicon ValleyTICKET BOOTH
56Silicon ValleyVIP SUITE
57Skate Park LADRL 2018
59U.S. Air Force BoneyardSIM RACING CUP 8
60U.S. Air Force BoneyardDRL 2022-23 USAF
61U.S. Air Force Boneyard (Night)BLACKBIRD
62Drone ParkICEBOX

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