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#MapTrackTimePlace% RankTime Behind LeaderTime Behind RivalCrashesTop SpeedTime SetUpdated
1AdventuredomeRACE2VEGAS01:55.057200100.00%00:33.28500:00.169397.01 year ago3 minutes ago
2AdventuredomeDRL 201801:08.89819195.50%00:14.01500:00.141098.81 year ago3 minutes ago
3Allianz RivieraDRL 201801:23.80319497.00%00:21.08400:00.035397.31 year ago3 minutes ago
4Allianz RivieraRACE2VEGAS02:09.68117587.50%00:54.35600:00.366193.61 year ago3 minutes ago
5Allianz Riviera2019 MGP CHAMPIONSHIP - PRO02:31.89316884.00%01:15.81300:00.463076.21 year ago3 minutes ago
6Allianz Riviera2019 MGP CHAMPIONSHIP - SPORT01:57.64315175.50%00:50.16000:00.658183.91 year ago3 minutes ago
7Allianz RivieraDRL 2020 - RIVIERA01:15.80419899.00%00:17.63900:00.0220100.31 year ago3 minutes ago
8Atlanta AftermathAPOCALYPSE01:16.09416984.50%00:27.10500:00.528296.01 year ago3 minutes ago
9Atlanta AftermathIMPACT01:13.83716180.50%00:24.26600:00.079094.31 year ago3 minutes ago
10Atlanta AftermathDRL 201700:59.63419698.00%00:20.06200:00.026396.21 year ago3 minutes ago
11BMW WeltDRL 2020 - THE WELT01:16.67014673.00%00:17.66200:00.065096.51 year ago3 minutes ago
12BiosphereDRL 201801:18.76712562.50%00:14.74800:00.3680100.11 year ago3 minutes ago
13BiosphereRACE2VEGAS01:08.95716884.00%00:26.26700:00.014295.21 year ago3 minutes ago
14BiosphereECOSYSTEM01:09.32512060.00%00:05.25800:00.0880101.21 year ago3 minutes ago
15BiosphereDRL 2021 - BIOSPHERE01:23.44917185.50%00:11.17900:00.016097.91 year ago3 minutes ago
16Boston FoundryFULL METAL02:17.70315075.00%00:51.04300:00.514193.91 year ago3 minutes ago
17Boston FoundryFOUNDRY CIRCUIT01:08.54319195.50%00:21.75200:00.695297.31 year ago3 minutes ago
18California NightsDRL 201801:26.55119899.00%00:41.46100:00.242092.31 year ago3 minutes ago
19California NightsDROP IN01:17.52414472.00%00:19.89300:00.101195.61 year ago2 minutes ago
20CampGroundTHE LAKEHOUSE01:31.44818894.00%00:04.96200:00.011099.71 year ago2 minutes ago
21CampGroundCAMPFIRE01:35.02013065.00%00:14.71800:00.038098.51 year ago2 minutes ago
22CampGroundFIRST HIKE01:09.89417587.50%00:04.52300:00.0000100.11 year ago2 minutes ago
23CampGroundDRL 2022-23 TEXAS01:26.65218090.00%00:13.02800:00.0470100.11 year ago2 minutes ago
24Championship KingdomSILENT #FREETHEBRIDGE02:53.15119095.00%01:29.42100:01.433497.91 year ago2 minutes ago
25Championship KingdomDRL 2020 - KINGDOM01:13.22215376.50%00:15.54200:00.183096.81 year ago2 minutes ago
26DRL SandboxDRL Sandbox00:22.26217989.50%00:01.32700:00.004098.91 year ago2 minutes ago
27DRL SandboxStraight Line00:14.72213266.00%00:01.25400:00.001094.61 year ago2 minutes ago
28Drone Park2020 TRYOUTS WEEK 501:51.62518793.50%00:14.38900:00.079099.71 year ago2 minutes ago
29Drone Park2020 TRYOUTS WEEK 401:27.42519798.50%00:11.19500:00.032099.41 year ago2 minutes ago
30Drone Park2020 TRYOUTS WEEK 101:14.19019195.50%00:06.64700:00.0060101.01 year ago2 minutes ago
31Gates of New YorkCity00:55.97917989.50%00:03.88000:00.0090101.51 year ago1 minute ago
32Gates of New YorkWoods01:33.81912964.50%00:04.42600:00.0290101.01 year ago1 minute ago
33Gates of New YorkSILENT TRAIL02:16.27415376.50%00:11.32500:00.023098.91 year ago1 minute ago
34Gates of New YorkTHE CIRCUS YACHT 00:57.66017989.50%00:05.57200:00.082099.21 year ago1 minute ago
35Gates of New YorkTREETOPS02:30.60619597.50%00:17.97200:00.024099.51 year ago1 minute ago
36Gates of New YorkCITY REWIND00:59.15518994.50%00:06.52500:00.0200100.41 year ago1 minute ago
37Gates of New YorkDRL 2020 - GONY01:17.356200100.00%00:18.73200:00.186199.71 year ago1 minute ago
38Gates of New YorkDRL 2022-23 DRL SIM LIVE01:30.99017788.50%00:19.76000:00.1030100.01 year ago1 minute ago
39Hard Rock StadiumSIDELINES00:53.86411658.00%00:05.17100:00.017098.91 year ago1 minute ago
40Hard Rock StadiumSIDELINES REVERSED00:53.9538241.00%00:02.15600:00.003098.81 year ago1 minute ago
41Hard Rock StadiumDRL 2020 - MIAMI01:12.50016582.50%00:12.04200:00.018098.51 year ago1 minute ago
42L.A. ApocalypseDRL 201600:40.54812160.50%00:05.39200:00.070097.21 year ago1 minute ago
43L.A. ApocalypseSILENT SHOPPING MALL02:07.48818190.50%00:40.18400:00.318291.11 year ago1 minute ago
44LondonLONDON 2017 REWIND02:19.81914371.50%00:44.39500:00.166294.91 year ago56 seconds ago
45LondonLONDON EXPO01:26.84519396.50%00:26.19900:00.165298.11 year ago54 seconds ago
46Londonallianz expo01:45.3899346.50%00:32.50600:00.768193.11 year ago53 seconds ago
47LondonDRL 2020 - LONDON01:26.06115175.50%00:26.68400:00.413195.51 year ago50 seconds ago
48Mardi Gras WorldMASQUERADE00:40.09018190.50%00:03.84000:00.002097.81 year ago48 seconds ago
49Mardi Gras WorldDRL 201701:07.93817688.00%00:19.32800:00.767098.21 year ago47 seconds ago
50Mardi Gras WorldPUMPKIN'S REVENGE01:03.47511356.50%00:07.45100:00.002097.51 year ago45 seconds ago
51Mardi Gras WorldDRL 2020 - MARDI GRAS01:22.41413869.00%00:23.45100:00.998095.41 year ago44 seconds ago
52Mega CityMOONLIGHT00:57.63918190.50%00:02.52000:00.007098.61 year ago40 seconds ago
53Miami LightsDRL 201601:03.27215477.00%00:07.98300:00.257098.11 year ago30 seconds ago
54Miami LightsMiami Sunset00:57.24717688.00%00:03.44200:00.003098.71 year ago28 seconds ago
55Miami LightsThe End Zone00:43.17412462.00%00:03.62700:00.008098.51 year ago27 seconds ago
56MultiGPMGP 2018 NATIONAL CHAMPIONSHIP01:54.63511155.50%00:42.29000:02.119189.71 year ago25 seconds ago
57MultiGPMGP 2018 REGIONAL QUALIFIER01:24.21711055.00%00:27.64500:00.046084.51 year ago23 seconds ago
58MultiGPMGP UTT 100:46.57610753.50%00:10.77600:00.232096.71 year ago21 seconds ago
59MultiGPMGP UTT 4: HIGH VOLTAGE00:44.6259648.00%00:09.78800:00.014098.01 year ago19 seconds ago
60MultiGPMGP 2018 REGIONAL FINAL02:29.4508643.00%00:54.08800:00.802198.41 year ago17 seconds ago
61MultiGPMGP 2017 REGIONAL FINAL01:43.82915879.00%00:36.80400:00.099089.01 year ago14 seconds ago
62MultiGPMGP 2018 IO X CLASS00:41.8919447.00%00:09.71100:00.025096.81 year ago12 seconds ago
63MultiGPMGP 2018 IO INTERMEDIATE01:00.41812261.00%00:24.11300:00.565180.41 year ago10 seconds ago
64MultiGPMGP UTT 8: REVENGE00:59.93810653.00%00:21.57000:00.055088.21 year ago8 seconds ago
65MultiGPMGP UTT 2: TSUNAMI00:38.64111457.00%00:12.09000:00.066091.51 year ago6 seconds ago
66MultiGPMGP 2015 NATIONAL CHAMPIONSHIP01:16.82215678.00%00:21.86400:00.191093.21 year ago4 seconds ago
67MultiGPMGP 2018 IO MICRO01:54.1185829.00%01:00.70800:01.076059.91 year ago3 seconds ago
68MultiGPMGP UTT 3: BESSEL RUN00:39.02110753.50%00:13.93500:00.104097.71 year ago15 minutes ago
69MultiGPMGP UTT 5: NAUTILUS00:30.7079246.00%00:09.22900:00.133193.51 year ago15 minutes ago
70MultiGPMGP 2018 IO SPEC02:00.1228542.50%00:37.01200:00.393696.91 year ago15 minutes ago
71MultiGPMGP 2016 NATIONAL CHAMPIONSHIP02:26.9609447.00%00:50.76600:00.906096.11 year ago15 minutes ago
72MultiGPMGP UTT 6: FURY00:49.8679748.50%00:21.02400:00.034078.81 year ago15 minutes ago
73MultiGPMGP 2018 IO TEAM01:27.14210854.00%00:34.04800:00.375097.21 year ago15 minutes ago
74MultiGPMGP 2018 IO ROOKIE00:30.51410854.00%00:05.76100:00.072092.61 year ago15 minutes ago
75MultiGP2019 MAYHEM TEAM EVENT05:03.69311055.00%01:43.07000:06.636091.81 year ago15 minutes ago
76MultiGPMGP 2019 IO WORLD CUP02:27.69018592.50%01:03.10900:00.012272.11 year ago14 minutes ago
77MultiGPMGP 2019 GLOBAL QUALIFIER01:20.63813668.00%00:34.23500:00.055275.31 year ago14 minutes ago
78MultiGP2019 STARMACH EXHIBITION01:02.50618793.50%00:17.01300:00.269091.81 year ago14 minutes ago
79MultiGPMGP 2019 CANADIAN QUALIFIER01:36.26416884.00%00:45.51700:00.023178.91 year ago14 minutes ago
80MultiGPMGP 2019 IO MEGA CLASS02:19.21816482.00%00:20.10200:00.170097.61 year ago14 minutes ago
81MultiGPMGP 2019 IO ROOKIE00:34.46516884.00%00:11.75600:00.030095.21 year ago14 minutes ago
82MultiGPMGP 2019 IO MICRO02:00.35610653.00%01:15.26600:00.110158.01 year ago14 minutes ago
83MultiGPMGP 2019 IO INTERMEDIATE01:37.97411859.00%00:43.16800:00.218182.21 year ago14 minutes ago
84MultiGPMGP 2018 IO WORLD CUP02:19.99910854.00%00:39.55700:01.726194.21 year ago14 minutes ago
85Munich PlayoffsFACTIONS01:51.45313266.00%00:45.70300:01.267588.71 year ago14 minutes ago
86Ohio CrashsiteDRL 201601:09.61019999.50%00:12.95100:00.025099.01 year ago14 minutes ago
87Ohio CrashsiteRestricted Area00:43.72519497.00%00:02.97500:00.014098.01 year ago14 minutes ago
88Ohio CrashsiteDRL 2020 - OHIO CRASH SITE01:18.55714572.50%00:21.77800:00.119095.81 year ago14 minutes ago
89Out of ServiceThe Layover01:05.49617386.50%00:14.17200:00.024098.71 year ago14 minutes ago
90Out of ServiceSILENT AIRLINES03:07.96216984.50%00:44.48800:00.053298.51 year ago14 minutes ago
91Out of ServiceCTG / 02: DERELICT DESERT01:17.20814673.00%00:11.25300:00.067099.71 year ago14 minutes ago
92Out of ServiceDUST TOWN02:01.87715678.00%00:26.90500:00.1141100.31 year ago14 minutes ago
93Project ManhattanProject Noob01:04.55815276.00%00:02.85900:00.008098.21 year ago14 minutes ago
94Project ManhattanThe Trinity Test00:40.85317587.50%00:05.09600:00.0020100.01 year ago14 minutes ago
95Project ManhattanSILENT MANHATTAN01:37.35415175.50%00:29.54000:00.127498.61 year ago14 minutes ago
96Silicon ValleyCORNER KICK01:00.47017386.50%00:03.84400:00.002098.61 year ago13 minutes ago
97Silicon ValleyVIP SUITE01:50.25218291.00%00:26.40900:00.328198.31 year ago13 minutes ago
98Skate Park LADRL 201801:13.95718391.50%00:30.15900:00.048093.61 year ago13 minutes ago
99Skate Park LARACE2VEGAS01:42.01515276.00%00:40.04400:00.306493.11 year ago13 minutes ago
100Skate Park LAVALKENBURG SESSION02:22.07518994.50%01:24.49100:00.276054.01 year ago13 minutes ago
101The BridgeSIM RACING CUP 401:22.84515577.50%00:10.24100:00.174099.31 year ago13 minutes ago
102U.S. Air Force Boneyard (Night)BLACKBIRD01:17.99414472.00%00:08.05900:00.003099.11 year ago13 minutes ago
103U.S. Air Force Boneyard (Night)THUNDERBOLT01:14.48413065.00%00:03.13000:00.0380100.61 year ago13 minutes ago
104MultiGPFIGURE 8 (3 LAPS)00:50.57016582.50%00:03.35100:00.001098.01 year ago13 minutes ago

10 lowest positions
PositionTrackTimePercent Rank
(200)Adventuredome - RACE2VEGAS01:55.057100.00%
(200)Gates of New York - DRL 2020 - GONY01:17.356100.00%
(199)Ohio Crashsite - DRL 201601:09.61099.50%
(198)Allianz Riviera - DRL 2020 - RIVIERA01:15.80499.00%
(198)California Nights - DRL 201801:26.55199.00%
(197)Drone Park - 2020 TRYOUTS WEEK 401:27.42598.50%
(196)Atlanta Aftermath - DRL 201700:59.63498.00%
(195)Gates of New York - TREETOPS02:30.60697.50%
(194)Ohio Crashsite - Restricted Area00:43.72597.00%
(194)Allianz Riviera - DRL 201801:23.80397.00%

10 lowest percent ranks
Percent RankTrackTimePosition
(100.00%)Gates of New York - DRL 2020 - GONY01:17.356200
(100.00%)Adventuredome - RACE2VEGAS01:55.057200
(99.50%)Ohio Crashsite - DRL 201601:09.610199
(99.00%)California Nights - DRL 201801:26.551198
(99.00%)Allianz Riviera - DRL 2020 - RIVIERA01:15.804198
(98.50%)Drone Park - 2020 TRYOUTS WEEK 401:27.425197
(98.00%)Atlanta Aftermath - DRL 201700:59.634196
(97.50%)Gates of New York - TREETOPS02:30.606195
(97.00%)Allianz Riviera - DRL 201801:23.803194
(97.00%)Ohio Crashsite - Restricted Area00:43.725194

10 Oldest Races
Time AgoDateTrackTimePosition
1 year ago2023-07-06 05:39:58Skate Park LA - DRL 201801:13.957183
1 year ago2023-07-06 05:40:00California Nights - DRL 201801:26.551198
1 year ago2023-07-06 05:40:04Gates of New York - CITY REWIND00:59.155189
1 year ago2023-07-06 05:40:08CampGround - FIRST HIKE01:09.894175
1 year ago2023-07-06 05:40:51Atlanta Aftermath - IMPACT01:13.837161
1 year ago2023-07-06 05:41:45Mega City - MOONLIGHT00:57.639181
1 year ago2023-07-06 05:41:46Mardi Gras World - MASQUERADE00:40.090181
1 year ago2023-07-06 05:42:02MultiGP - MGP 2018 IO INTERMEDIATE01:00.418122
1 year ago2023-07-06 05:42:03MultiGP - MGP 2019 IO ROOKIE00:34.465168
1 year ago2023-07-06 05:42:04MultiGP - 2019 STARMACH EXHIBITION01:02.506187

5 farthest behind leader times
(01:43.070)MultiGP - 2019 MAYHEM TEAM EVENT05:03.69303:20.623110
(01:29.421)Championship Kingdom - SILENT #FREETHEBRIDGE02:53.15101:23.730190
(01:24.491)Skate Park LA - VALKENBURG SESSION02:22.07500:57.584189
(01:15.813)Allianz Riviera - 2019 MGP CHAMPIONSHIP - PRO02:31.89301:16.080168
(01:15.266)MultiGP - MGP 2019 IO MICRO02:00.35600:45.090106

5 closest to leader times
(00:01.254)DRL Sandbox - Straight Line00:14.72200:13.468132
(00:01.327)DRL Sandbox - DRL Sandbox00:22.26200:20.935179
(00:02.156)Hard Rock Stadium - SIDELINES REVERSED00:53.95300:51.79782
(00:02.520)Mega City - MOONLIGHT00:57.63900:55.119181
(00:02.859)Project Manhattan - Project Noob01:04.55801:01.699152

5 farthest behind rival times
(00:06.636)MultiGP - 2019 MAYHEM TEAM EVENT05:03.69304:57.057110
(00:02.119)MultiGP - MGP 2018 NATIONAL CHAMPIONSHIP01:54.63501:52.516111
(00:01.726)MultiGP - MGP 2018 IO WORLD CUP02:19.99902:18.273108
(00:01.433)Championship Kingdom - SILENT #FREETHEBRIDGE02:53.15102:51.718190
(00:01.267)Munich Playoffs - FACTIONS01:51.45301:50.186132

5 closest to rival times
(00:00.000)CampGround - FIRST HIKE01:09.89401:09.894175
(00:00.001)DRL Sandbox - Straight Line00:14.72200:14.721132
(00:00.001)MultiGP - FIGURE 8 (3 LAPS)00:50.57000:50.569165
(00:00.002)Mardi Gras World - PUMPKIN'S REVENGE01:03.47501:03.473113
(00:00.002)Silicon Valley - CORNER KICK01:00.47001:00.468173

Profile Name:littlemrj
Average Position:(151.26)
Average Percent Rank:(75.63%)
Estimated Score:(0)
Total Crashes:(67)
Steam Id:76561198305729508
Profile Color2aff00

Incomplete Tracks or over 200th place
12016 World ChampionshipDRL 2016
22016 World ChampionshipDRL 2020 - DETROIT
3AdventuredomeSIM RACING CUP 6
4AdventuredomeDRL 2020 - ADVENTUREDOME
5Allianz RivieraDRL 2021 - ALLIANZ
6Atlanta AftermathSIM RACING CUP 2
7Atlanta AftermathDRL 2020 - ATLANTA
9BMW WeltDRL 2018
11BiosphereSIM RACING CUP 1
12BiosphereDRL 2020 - Biosphere
13BiosphereDRL 2022-23 BIOSPHERE
14Boston FoundryDRL 2017
15California NightsDRL 2020 - CALIFORNIA NIGHTS
17CampGroundTHE WILD
20CampGroundZIP LINE
21CampGroundDRL 2021 - CAMPGROUND
22CampGroundDRL 2022-23 ALPINE VALLEY
23Championship KingdomDRL 2018
24Championship KingdomROYALTY
25Championship KingdomSIM RACING CUP 7
26Championship KingdomDRL 2021 - KINGDOM
27Championship KingdomDRL 2022-23 KINGDOM
28Drone ParkCIRCUIT
29Drone ParkUPRISING
30Drone Park2020 TRYOUTS WEEK 2
31Drone Park2020 TRYOUTS WEEK 3
32Drone Park2020 TRYOUTS FINALS
33Drone Park2020 TRYOUTS WEEK 6
36Gates of New YorkDRL 2016
37Gates of New YorkShipyard
39Gates of New YorkGLENWOOD
41Hard Rock StadiumDRL 2017
42Hard Rock StadiumDRL 2019
43Hard Rock StadiumMIAMI EXPO
44Hard Rock StadiumSIM RACING CUP 3
45L.A. ApocalypseMALL WALKER
46L.A. ApocalypseDRL 2020 - LAPOCALYPSE
47L.A. ApocalypseDRL 2022-23 L.A.POCALYPSE
48LondonDRL 2017
50Mega CitySPIRE
51Mega CityCOMPLEX
52Mega CityDRL 2022-23 METACITY
53Munich PlayoffsDRL 2017
54Munich PlayoffsWUNDERFLOW
55Ohio CrashsiteConfirm nor Deny
56Ohio CrashsiteSIM RACING CUP 5
57Out of ServiceThe Terminal
58Out of ServiceTHE SCRAPYARD
59Out of ServiceOOS EXPO
60Out of ServiceDUST TOWN PLAZA
61Out of ServiceTHE YARDSCRAP
64Project ManhattanDRL 2016
65Silicon ValleyDRL 2022-23 - RACE IN THE CLOUD
66Silicon ValleySCRIMMAGE
67Silicon ValleyTICKET BOOTH
69The BridgeRACE2VEGAS
70The BridgeTRYOUTS LAS VEGAS 2019
71The BridgeDRL 2020 - BRIDGE
73U.S. Air Force BoneyardSTRATOTANKER
74U.S. Air Force BoneyardSIM RACING CUP 8
75U.S. Air Force BoneyardDRL 2020 - USAF
76U.S. Air Force BoneyardDRL 2021 - USAF
77U.S. Air Force BoneyardDRL 2022-23 USAF
78U.S. Air Force Boneyard (Night)NIGHTHAWK
79Drone ParkICEBOX

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